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Agro-Biotechnology Agency for Rural Employment and Development (ABARD) is an initiative to translate scientific findings and technology prescriptions into agricultural enterprises/agri-business recognising the crucial role of small agro-industrial units in poverty alleviation and employment generation. It was promulgated with the prime objective of developing entrepreneurship of educated and unemployed rural youth in different options of agro-biotechnology during the year 2001. As a part of this,vermitechnology, Biotechnology and mushroom units were set up.The vermitechnology unit initially gave training to 15 rural youths on various aspects of vermitechnology and promising partners are now involved in the production and sale of earthworms, vermicompost, vermi wash, coir pith compost, organic seed and organic farm products. It is one of the sustainable units. Biotechnology and mushroom units are also involved in imparting regular training to rural youths and production and sale of TC plants of fruits, ornamentals, spices etc. and edible mushrooms and spawn.



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College of Horticulture
Kerala Agricultural University
Thrissur Kerala 680656
:+91-487 2438300