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National Service Scheme

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National Service Scheme, sponsored by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Governement of India, is an important programme functioning in the college.  The prime aim of NSS is to make education more realistic and community oriented.  The sanctioned strength of volunteers is 300 under two units.  The total strength of students in the college  is 251. Two teaching faculty members are nominated as Programme Officers for proper guidance to the volunteers.

The NSS units take up community based activities and the students get an opportunity to work with the people.  They engage in creative and constructive social activities.  Programme of water conservation, tree planting, setting up of kitchen gurdenes in rural households, awareness against drug abuse, blood grouping and blood donation are being undertaken.  Recently a novel activity namely “Horticulture Therapy” has been started by NSS units.  The venue selected is at Tropical Health Foundation of India, Kunnamkulam- a school for the mentally and physically disabled children.  The programme envisages for the betterment of the status of disabled children through various gardening activities.

Special programmes are also organized in connection with important auspicious days such as Independence Day, NSS Day, Gandhi Jayanti Day, Republic Day, World Environment Day and World Food Day.


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