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Dr. Lissamma Joseph

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0487- 2370 822

She has 32 years of experience in teaching, research and extension. She has guided five post graduate students and in the advisory committee as member for ten PG students. She acted as Principal Investigator of one DBT funded project and Co- PI of three DBT funded projects.  She has published research articles, technical bulletins, leaflets, etc. Her area of research was tissue culture and genetic transformation in medicinal plants and spices. She is the officer in charge of the plantation and spices farm under the Department of planation crops and spices.


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Books/ book chapters published

  1. Miniraj N., Asha Sankar, M., Nybe, E.V. and Lissamma Joseph. 2008. Oushadhikaliloode Aarogyam.     KAU.
  2. Alice Kurian, Asha Sankar, M., Miniraj, N., Lissamma Joseph and Nybe, E.V. 2007. Oushadhasasyangal krishiyum Upayogavum  , KAU.
  3. Raj Mohan, K., Nazeem, P.A. and Lissamma Joseph. 2005. Plant Biotechnology Research at the Kerala Agricultural University. KAU
  4. Lissamma Joseph. 2009. Oushadha sasya krishikkoru vazhikaatti. (Medicinal Herbs Kiriyath, Thulasi, Bhrahmi, Nithyakalyani). KAU Publication.
  5. Lissamma Joseph, Anitha, S., Aravindakshan, K. and Raju, V. K. 2010. Survey, conservation and multiplication of early season jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam.) in Kerala.     In Horticulture, Horti- Buiness and Economic Prosperity – Book of Abstracts 4th Indian Horticulture Congress -2010 (Eds Singh A. K., Awasthi, O. P. and verma, M. K.). 18-21st November 2010. New Delhi. pp 32.
  6. Lissamma Joseph, Anitha, S. and K. Aravindakshan. 2012. Vrikshasugandhavilakalilae Pravardhanareethikal.    Technical Bulletin, Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur, p. 28.



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