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National Service Scheme

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National Service Scheme, sponsored by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Governement of India, is an important programme functioning in the college.  The prime aim of NSS is to make education more realistic and community oriented.  The sanctioned strength of volunteers is 400 under two units.  Two teaching faculty members are nominated as Programme Officers for proper guidance to the volunteers.

The NSS units take up community based activities and the students get an opportunity to work with the people.  They engage in creative and constructive social activities.  Programme of water conservation, tree planting, setting up of kitchen gurdenes in rural households, awareness against drug abuse, blood grouping and blood donation are being undertaken. Special programmes are also organized in connection with important auspicious days such as Independence Day, NSS Day, Gandhi Jayanti Day, Republic Day, World Environment Day and World Food Day.

The activities held at the College of Horticulture, Vellanikkara as part of various NSS programmes during 2018-19 are as follows:

  1. NSS special camp was organized from 07.05.2018 to 13.05.2018 at Tavanur Panchayath. As a part of the NSS special camp, a vegetable garden was prepared at Pratheekhsa Bhavan, a home for mentally  challenged persons. A 1 km long water channel was cleared of weeds and waste as a part of the special camp. The students cleaned a village pond during the programme and they collected soil samples and helped in the preparation of soil health card for Kolothupadam Kole Padavu, the largest padasekharam of Malappuram district covering 700 acres
  2. The NSS unit of CoH was involved in a campaign to collect the paper waste generated in different departments of our college in collaboration with the Class IV staff of various departments. During the past 6 months we could collect 366.5 kg of waste paper from the whole college. Roughly one 10-15 year old tree is needed to produce 60 kg of paper. Based on this estimate, the NSS unit of CoH has saved 6 trees which would have been felled for manufacturing paper. By selling the paper collected, the NSS unit generated Rs. 2760.00. The class IV employees of various departments wholeheartedly cooperated with NSS volunteers in this drive. Maximum paper waste was collected from Dept. of Agronomy, followed by Department of Agricultural Entomology, Pomology and floriculture, Economics and Extension and Soil Science.
  3. As a part of World Environment Day, NSS volunteers planted 200 saplings in the KAU main campus. They are regularly maintaining the tree saplings planted in the previous years
  4. During the floods of August, 2018 NSS volunteers coordinated the relief activities at the relief camp opened at KAU school. Food, drinking water, clothes, mats, etc were made available to the inmates of relief camps for the entire 4 days during which the camp functioned. On 16.08.2018, a medical camp was organized at the relief camp by NSS volunteers. On 18.08.2019, NSS volunteers provided food materials costing Rs. 20,000.00 to the VKN indoor stadium, Thrissur.
  5. As part of the post flood relief programme, NSS unit joined hands with the District Administration Thrissur and UNICEF for cleaning the wells in flood affected areas of Thrissur district. Volunteers visited 254 homes in Pavaratty and Puthoor panchayaths and cleaned the wells.
  6. In September, 2018 NSS units of CoH collaborated with Poyya Panchayath and collected soil samples from all the flood affected regions of the Panchayath and provided the soil analysis report to the panchayath.
  7. In October, 2018 NSS unit was involved in the massive cleaning programme of the University campus organized on 05.10.2018
  8. As part of the clean campus green campus campaign, NSS volunteers cleaned their hostel premises during November, 2018
  9. In association with Centre for Gender Studies, NSS unit celebrated World Women Day on 8th March, 2019. A competition was held for all the staff and students of KAU main campus and prizes were distributed to the winners. A blood donation camp was also organized
  10. As part of the World Meteorological Day on 23rd March, 2019 as series of programmes were conducted by NSS from 20th March Onwards. A collage competition, a photography competition and a quiz competition was organized and the winners were honoured on 23.03.2019. This programme was organized in collaboration with Department of Agricultural Meteorology, College of Horticulture.
  11. NSS volunteers were trained in the preparation of Paper Pens and the paper pens prepared by the NSS volunteers were provided to the delegates of National Conference on ‘Innovations In Animal Production For Sustainability And Doubling Farmers Income’ held from 23 to 25 January 2019, at Mannuthy, Thrissur, Kerala.
  12. As a part of the clean campus green campus programme NSS volunteers cleaned a 2 km stretch of Mannuthy Chirakkakode road.




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