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Multi Disciplinary Diagnostic Teams (MDDT)

Multi Disciplinary Diagnostic Teams (MDDT) are formed with scientists from different departments of College of Horticulture. These teams takes up diagnostic visits in farmers field based on the requests from Department of Agriculture, VFPCK and farmers. The visit helps the farming community to identify the problem and obtain expert opinion and recommendation for the management of various pest, disease and nutrient related issues in agriculture.

Multi Disciplinary Diagnostic Teams consisting of scientists from various departments of the College visited several flood affected of the state to assess damage to agricultural ecosystem in different parts of the state. The visit of MDDT teams to Ernakulam and Thrissur district during the post flood outbreak of Spodoptera could help the farmers to contain the incidence of this devastating pest. Recently, the MDDT team from College of Horticulture visited the giant African snail infested areas of Mathilakam and SN Puram Panchayaths and provided recommendations for the management of this invasive pest. The teams also made visits in several parts of the state during the outbreak of bacterial leaf blight in rice, leaf fall in nutmeg, rice leaf mite, banana mite, nutritional imbalances in various crops, thrips in coccinia, whitefly in coconut, mango inflorescence thrips, etc.


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