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RAWE Programme

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The Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE) programme is a flagship activity for the final year B.Sc. (Ag.) students during the last semester. Building self-confidence in the agricultural graduates by honing their professional skills is the key objective of introducing RAWE at the under graduate level by ICAR. Accordingly, this semester-long programme has been evolved. The entire programme is split into eight modules through which the students are exposed to the current and emerging opportunities and challenges in Agricultural and Rural Development. Farm Planning, Watershed Development Programme, Entrepreneurship Development Programme, Agro-clinics, Krishi Bhavan training, Research Stations and KVKs training, NGO training and Village Stay are the main modules designed to provide the students a hands-on experience of these strategic areas. During the village stay, the students stay along the rural households for a fortnight, which provides a rare opportunity to rediscover the farmers.

Besides acquiring first hand field experience, the RAWE modules bring about positive changes in the students’ mindset, outlook, personality traits, managerial and entrepreneurial skills. Thus, the RAWE programme developed by the College is a prototype for the University to be extended to other constituent colleges.


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