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RAWE Programme

Rural Awareness Works Experience (RAWE) and Agro-Industrial Attachment (AIA)

The Rural Awareness Works Experience (RAWE) helps the students primarily to understand the rural situations, status of agricultural technologies adopted by farmers, prioritize the farmer’s problems and to develop skills and attitude of working with farm families for overall development in rural area. The timings for RAWE can be flexible for specific regions to coincide with the main cropping season.

The main objectives of RAWE are:

• To provide opportunity to the students to understand the rural situation in relation to agriculture and allied activities.

• To make the students familiar with socioeconomic conditions of the farmers and their problems.  This will

• To impart diagnostic and remedial knowledge to the students relevant to real field situations through practical training.

• To development of effective communication skills of students with farmers using latest extension methodologies in transfer of technology.

• To develop confidence and competence among students to solve complex agricultural problems.

• To acquaint students with on-going extension and rural development programmes.

The various modules included are

  1. Orientation and Interaction
  2. Media Attachment
  3. Bank Attachment
  4. Attachment to SHG and
  5. Progressive Farmer
  6. KrishiBhavan training
  7. Watershed Management module
  8. Farm Planning
  9. Research Station training
  10. EDP & Project management
  11. KVK
  12.  Agro-Industrial Attachment
  13. Plant Clinic
  14. NGO
  15. Soil testing, and
  16.  Village Stay

This programme will be undertaken by the students during the VII semester for a total duration of 20 weeks with a weightage of 0+20 credit hours in two parts viz., RAWE and AIA. It will consist of general orientation and on campus training by different faculties followed by village attachment/unit attachment in University/ College/ KVK or a Research station. The students will be attached with the agro-industries to get an experience of the industrial environment and working. Weightage in terms of credit hours will be given depending upon the duration of stay of students in villages/agro-industries. At the end of RAWE/AIA, the students will be given one week for project report preparation, presentation and evaluation. The students would be required to record their observations in field and agro-industries on daily basis and will prepare their project report based on these observations.


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