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Dr. Krishna Kumar G

Assistant Professor
Attached Department: 
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Dr. Krishna Kumar G has obtained his B.Sc. in Agriculture from KAU-College of Agriculture, Vellanikkara (2004-08). For Masters, he specialized in Plant Physiology from the most coveted ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI; 2009-11). He continued the specialization in Plant Physiology for Doctorate from IARI (2011-18). He received ICAR-JRF Fellowship for his M.Sc. and UGC-CSIR fellowship for his Ph.D. programme. During specialization, he got well versed with major cereal crops wheat and rice, and responses to abiotic stresses in plants. He obtained advanced skills in root phenotyping, bioinformatics, gene cloning, genome editing and generation of transgenics.

Previous experiences

Worked as Senior Research Fellow in an ICAR-NASF project on genome editing in rice (2018-19).

Worked as Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Physiology, School of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, NMIMS, Shirpur, Maharashtra (2019-21).


Research papers

Asha, AD, Nivetha, N, Krishna, GK, Thakur, JK, Rathi, MS, Manjunatha, BS, Chinnusamy, V and Paul, S, 2021. Amelioration of short‐term drought stress during different growth stages in Brassica juncea by rhizobacteria mediated maintenance of ROS homeostasis. Physiologia Plantarum.

Asha, AD, Nivetha, N, Krishna, GK, Lavanya, AK, Vikram, KV and Paul, S, 2021. Interactive effect of rhizobacteria and drought stress on physiological attributes of mustard. The Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences91(5).

Anooj, SS, Kalia, V, Krishna, GK and Ghopade, KD, 2020. New biogeographic distribution record of phytophagous syrphid, Eumerus vestitus Bezzi, its biosystematics, host preferences and association behavior. International Journal of Tropical Insect Science40(3), pp.527-538.

Elangovan, A, Dalal, M, Krishna, GK, Devika, S, Kumar, RR, Sathee, L and Chinnusamy, V, 2020. Characterization of atypical protein tyrosine kinase (PTK) genes and their role in abiotic stress response in rice. Plants9(5), p.664.

Thomas, S, Krishna, GK, Yadav, P and Pal, M, 2019. Cloning and abiotic stress responsive expression analysis of arginine decarboxylase genes in contrasting rice genotypes. Indian J. Genet79(2), pp.411-419.

Anooj, SS, Kalia, V, Ganiger, PC and Krishna, GK, 2019. A note on Atherigona orientalis Schiner infesting tomato in India. Indian Journal of Entomology81(4), pp.900-903.

Krishna, GK, Vishwakarma, C, Thomas, P, Aravind, J, Kushwaha, S and Chinnusamy, V, 2018. Association between ABA-and drought-mediated regulation of root traits and identification of potential SNPs in genes for root development in rice. Indian J. Genet78(1), pp.48-58.

Vineeth, TV, Kumar, P and Krishna, GK, 2016. Bioregulators protected photosynthetic machinery by inducing expression of photorespiratory genes under water stress in chickpea. Photosynthetica54(2), pp.234-242.

Kumari, A, Sairam, RK, Singh, SK and Krishna, GK, 2014. Early growth response: an indicator of subsequent growth and yield of wheat genotypes grown under simulated water stress condition. Indian Journal of Plant Physiology19(2), pp.94-100.

Danekar, P, Tyagi, A, Mahto, A, Krishna, KG, Singh, A, Raje, RS, Gaikwad, K and Singh, NK, 2014. Genome wide characterization of Hsp 100 family genes from pigeonpea. Indian J Genet Plant Breed74, pp.325-334.


Sathee, L, Krishna, GK, Adavi, SB, Jha, SK and Jain, V, 2021. Role of protein phosphatases in the regulation of nitrogen nutrition in plants. Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants, pp.1-12.


Allimuthu, E, Krishna, GK and Devika S. Plant Biotechnology For ICAR-JRF, SRF, ARS/NET & IARI-Ph.D. Exams. ISBN no. 978-81-933179-3-8.

Book chapters

Krishna, GK, Nagar, S, Rathod, GR, Chandrapal, V, Asha, AD, John, C, Shrivastava, S juand Chinnusamy, V, 2020, Heavy Metal Toxicity in Plants and Phytoremediation of Contaminated Soils. Plant Abiotic Stress Tolerance. Physiochemical and Molecular Avenues, pp. 93-113. Deepika Book Agency, New Delhi.

Lekshmy, S, Krishna, GK, Jha, SK and Sairam, RK, 2017, Mechanism of Auxin Mediated Stress Signaling in Plants. Mechanism of Plant Hormone Signaling under Stress, pp. 37-52. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


Krishna, GK, Rathod, G, Nagar, S, Vishwakarma, C and Chinnusamy, V, 2018. Functional Modules in the Regulation of Root System Architecture. Proceedings of PSMB15, pp.111-121.


Aravind, J, Krishna, GK, Rudis, B, Le Novère, N, Dumousseau, M, Gowers, WJ and Aravind, MJ, 2021. Package ‘rmelting’.


Recipient of Best Essay Writing Award at District level on the National Science Day Celebrations, Thiruvananthapuram (2007), Organized by CDAC, Kerala.

Ph.D. work received Best Poster Award at PSMB conference, Gwalior (2018), Conducted by NESA, New Delhi.

NESA Young Scientist of the year Award–2020, Awarded by National Environmental Science Academy, New Delhi.

Membership in Scientific Bodies

Indian Science Congress Association, Kolkata-700017

Indian Society for Plant Physiology, New Delhi-110012

Indian Society for Genetics and Plant Breeding, New Delhi-110012

REST Society for Research International, Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu-635001

Links to Academic Profiles

LinkedIn profile          linkedin.com/in/krishna-gk-462136198

ORCiD                        https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8851-0042

Google scholar            https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=I8nWG1sAAAAJ&hl=en

ResearchGate profile  https://www.researchgate.net/profile/G_K_Krishna?ev=hdr_xprf&_sg=U4J0z2b...



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College of Agriculture
Kerala Agricultural University
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