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Dr. Nair Sunil Appukuttan

Assistant Professor (Hort.)
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Dr. Sunil A. Nair has completed B.Sc. (Agriculture) from PDKV, College of Agriculture, Nagpur (Maharashtra) in 1997. He has been awarded JRF by ICAR for pursuing M.Sc. (Horticulture) in the discipline of vegetable crops from YSPUHF, College of Horticulture, Nauni, Solan (Himachal Pradesh) during 1997-1999. He has eight years research experience as Research fellow in different institutions like Kerala Agricultural University, Vellanikkara (2000-2002); Research Associate in CTCRI, Trivandrum (2002-2005); Senior Research Fellow in CPCRI Regional station, Kayangulam (2005-2008). During work at CPCRI, he was involved in the hybridization programme of coconut for production of root wilt resistant seedlings for root wilt prevalent areas in the Coconut Development Board funded project. Later, Dr. Sunil Nair worked as Subject matter Specialist (Horticulture) in Mitraniketan KVK, Trivandrum (2008-2010). During the period, he had conducted OFTs and FLDs on cool season vegetables and tuber crops in Trivandrum district. He has also established a new tissue culture laboratory for micropropagation of banana and commercial flowers in Mitraniketan, KVK, Trivandrum during 2009. Dr Sunil served as Farm Officer for 7 years in KAU, Vellanikkara. During this period he worked in different divisions like Cadbury Cocoa Research Project, Dept of Plantation crops and Spices and PPNMU (Central Nursery). In 2021, he was awarded PhD by YSPUHF, College of Horticulture, Nauni, Solan. He is a recipient of the Best Research Scholar award- 2019 from Agricultural and Environmental Technology Development Society (AETDS), Uttarakhand. Dr Sunil Nair has published 6 research papers in national and international journals, 8 popular articles, 4 book chapters and presented research findings in national symposiums.


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