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Dr. Niya Celine V. J.

Assistant Professor
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Academic chronicles

Pursued BSc. Agriculture in College of Agriculture, Vellayani (2002-2007), MSc. Crop Physiology in GKVK, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru (2007-2009) and Ph.D  College of Agriculture, Vellayani


Awarded ICAR-SRF (Indian Council of Agricultural Research- Senior Research Fellowship) in the discipline ‘Plant Physiology’ during the academic session 2010-‘11

Qualified ARS- NET (Agricultural Research Scientist- National Eligibility Test) in the major discipline Basic Plant Sciences during 2010 and is eligible for Lecturer/ Assistant Professor (recognised by University Grants Commission/ Council of Scientific and Industrial Research).

Qualified ICAR-JRF (Junior Research Fellowship) and secured 22nd rank in discipline ‘Agricultural Biotechnology’ stream in All India Competitive examination conducted under ICAR during 2007-‘08

Awarded as the second-best Agricultural Officer (Thiruvananthapuram district) for extension work


Worked as Research fellow in KSCTE project, College of Agriculture, Vellayani

In training and extension activities for a period of 8years

Aired a programme in ‘Shastrakauthukam’ in Njattuvela

Field of specialisation/interest

Molecular markers, Gene silencing, Climate resilience Physiology




Short Communication

Niya Celine, V. J., Roy Stephen, Manju, R.V. and Shabana R. 2014. Evaluation of thermosensitive genic male sterile lines in rice suitable to Kerala through marker assisted selection. J. Tropical Agri. 52 (1): 74-78.

Research articles

Chandra C., Neethu; Stephen, Roy; Manju, R. V.; Celine, Niya; R., Shabana; Abhilash, Anila. 2017. TGMS line EC 720903 as a suitable female parent to Kerala through phenological study. J. Plant Sci. Res. Jan-Jun2017, Vol. 33 Issue 1, p1-10. 10p

Niya Celine, V. J., Roy Stephen, Manju, R.V. and Shabana R. 2014. Phenological, morpho-agronomic and floral characterisation of promising thermosensitive genic male sterile rice (Oryza sativa L.) lines suitable for Kerala. J. Plant Sci. Res. 30(2): 135-141.

Popular Articles

Niya Celine, V. J., Roy Stephen and Manju, R.V. Physiological and biochemical analyses of selected TGMS lines. 2016. Res. Inspiration. March 488-498p.

Niya Celine, V. J. and Lekshmi K. Edison. “Thenthullikal”. 2015. Kerala Karshakan. May 33p

Niya Celine, V. J. and Lekshmi K. Edison. Techniques to identify Panicle initiation. 2014. Kerala Karshakan e- journal. September, 40-41p

Niya Celine, V. J. and Lekshmi K. Edison. Hydroponics – a novel yield boosting technology. 2014. Kerala Karshakan e- journal. July, 30-37p

Niya Celine, V. J. Auxin- Verinum Thandinum Dishasoochi- 2019 Krishi Jagaran April, 64-65p.

Niya Celine, V. J. ‘Thengavellathile Viruthan’- Cytokinin- 2019 Krishi Jagaran. May, 58-59p.

Niya Celine, V. J. GA- Hormone ‘manthrikan’- 2019 Krishi Jagaran. June, 38-39p.

Niya Celine, V. J. ‘Ethilinthe masmaravalayam’ 2019 Krishi Jagaran. July, 32-33p.

Niya Celine, V. J. ‘ABA Villanil Ninnu Nayakanilekku’- 2019 Krishi Jagaran August, 54-55p.

Proceedings in the seminars/symposium-3

Training attended

Orientation training programme on Integrated Pest Management organised by Regional Central Integrated Pest Management Centre (RCIPMC), Govt. of India, Bengaluru, GKVK, UAS, Bengaluru. February 01-05, 2021

Physiological and molecular approaches to improve drought adaptation of crops organised by UAS, Bengaluru. February 24- March 10, 2014

  • Life member of Indian society of Plant Physiology, Division of Plant Physiology, IARI, New Delhi- 110012
  • Member of Kerala Academy of Sciences, Kariavattom, Thiruvananathapuram


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College of Agriculture
Kerala Agricultural University
Thrissur Kerala 680656
:+91-487 2438300