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Dr. P. Prameela

Professor & Head
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Prof (Dr.) Prameela P. has completed her post-graduation in Agriculture from Kerala Agricultural University and PhD in Agronomy from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore. She started her career in 1990 as Technical Assistant in Soil Survey wing of the State Department of Agriculture.  In 1999, she joined Kerala Agricultural University as Assistant Professor.  She has 20 years of experience in teaching, research and extension activities.   She has guided eight M.Sc students and one PhD student and  is currently guiding two M.Sc. and two  PhD  students. The main area of her research is conservation tillage, tuber and fodder crops production and watershed management. Currently she is working as Professor in Department of Agronomy, College of Horticulture, Vellanikkara.

Research papers

Menon, S.S., Prameela, P. and Abraham, C.T. 2014. Weed control in wet-seeded rice by post emergence herbicides. Indian Journal of Weed Science published by Indian society of weed science, 46(2):169-171.

Prameela, P., Menon, S. S, and Menon, M.V. 2014. Effect of new post emergence herbicides on weed dynamics in wet seeded rice.  Journal of Tropical Agriculture 52(1):94-100

Menon, S.S., and Prameela, P. 2015. Promising post-emergence herbicides for effective weed management in direct seeded rice. International Journal of Tropical Agriculture 33(2): 327-331.

Shahanila P.P., Prameela, P., Vishalakshi, K.P., and John, P.S. 2016. Aerobic rice in uplands with microsprinkler irrigation. Journal of Tropical Agriculture 54(1):79-83

Menon J S., Prameela P., Mohan LK., and Karippai, R S. 2016. Performance evaluation of onion (Allium cepa ) varieties in tropical plains of Thrissur District, Kerala . Journal of Tropical Agriculture 54(1):66-70

Aparna, K. K., Menon, M. V., and Prameela, P. 2017. Efficacy of pre and post emergence herbicides on Echinochloa spp. Journal of Tropical Agriculture 55 (1): 91-95

Atheena, A., Prameela, P., and Menon, M.V. 2017. Tank mix application of cyhalofop - butyl with selected herbicides for weed control in wet -seeded rice. Indian Journal Weed Science  49(3): 283-286.

Aparna, K. K., Menon, M. V., Joseph, J. and Prameela, P. 2018. Efficacy of pre and post emergence herbicides on. Diversity of Echinochloa spp. in Palakkad rice tracts of Kerala. Indian Journal Weed Science  50(2): 124-128.

Abid, V., Bindhu, J.S. and Prameela, P. 2018. Performance of green gram, Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek cultivars under different tillage methods. Journal of Crop and Weed 14(3): 178-184.

Athira, G. R. Menon, M.V., Sindhu, P.V. and Prameela P. 2019. Seed germination and emergence ecology of Monochoria vaginalis (Burm. f.) Kunth. Journal of Tropical Agriculture 57 (2).

Kumar S.M., and Prameela, P. 2019. Response of aerobic rice cultivars to high temperature stress. Environment and Ecology. 37(4B):1448-1454.


Menon, S.S. and Prameela, P. 2014. “New post-emergence herbicides in rice for yield enhancement in wet lands”. In: Third Indian Biodiversity Congress held at SRM University, Chennai, 18-20 December 2014.

Menon, S.S. and Prameela, P.  2015. “Effect of new post-emergence herbicides in wet seeded rice” In: 25th Asian-Pacific Weed Science Society Conference on Weed Science for Sustainable Agriculture, Environment and Biodiversity, Hyderabad, 13-16 October 2015.

Menon, S.S. and Prameela P.  2015. Efficacy of new post-emergence herbicides for wet land rice” In: 12th Agricultural Science Congress, ICAR- NDRI, NDRI, Karnal, 3-6 February.

George, G. and Prameela, P. 2016. Effect of tillage on weed incidence and fodder cereal production in rice fallow. 25th Asian- Pacific weed science society conference- PJT, State Agricultural University, Hyderabad, 13-16 October 2016

Menon, S.S. and Prameela, P. 2017. “Nutrient uptake of wet seeded rice as influenced by new post emergent herbicides”. In: Biennial Conference “Doubling Farmers Income by 2022: The role of weed science” Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur, Rajasthan. 1-3 March.

Atheena, A., Prameela, P., Thomas, C.G., and Menon, M.V. 2017. Tank-mix application of cyhalofop–butyl with selected herbicides for weed control in wet seeded rice. In: Proceedings, Biennial conference of the Indian Society of Weed Science on “Doubling Farmers Income by 2022: The Role of Weed Science”, Udaipur, 1-3 March 2017, p. 86.

Prameela P., Atheena A. and Menon, M.V. Synergism and antagonism in herbicide mixtures involving cyhalofop-p-butyl. In: Proceedings of. India Society of Weed Science, Golden Jubilee International Conference On “Weeds and Society: Challenges and Opportunities”, Directorate of Weed Research, Jabalpur, October 21-24, p.71

Kumar, S.M., Prameela, P. and Thomas, C.G. 2018. Response of aerobic rice cultivars to high temperature stress. International Conference on climate is changing, agriculture must too. ICRISAT-CORTEVA, Hyderabad.

Popular articles

Prameela, P and Menon, S.S. and Thomas, C.G. 2017.  The return of millets (Cherudhanyangal Thirichu Varunnu). Kalpadhenu 37(1): 7-11

Prameela, P. and Mary, J. 2019. Koorka- Kizhanguvargangalile kunjan. Krishiyankanam. 2(1): 31.

Prameela, P. and Anjaly, V. 2019. Vellakoova- Aadayakaramaya oru idavila. Krishiyankanam. 2(1): 38.

Lecture notes

Prameela, P., Thampi, A.C., and Mary, J. 2019. Crop Production technology II  (Pulses, Oilseeds, Sugar and Fibre crops). Lecture notes for the course Agro.2205, 70p.

Prameela, P., Anjaly, V., and Shaji, J. 2019. Crop Production technology I  (Cereals, millets, tuber and fodder crops). Lecture notes for the course Agro.2204, 71p


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