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Dr.Biju. S

Assistant Professor
Attached Department: 

Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics

College of Agriculture, Vellanikkara
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Nine years teaching and research experience in KAU. Five years research experience in hybrid rice technology that resulted in the release of CORH3, a successful rice hybrid  released from TNAU. Offering courses for UG, PG and Phd,s. Guided four MSc students and presently guiding 1Phd and 3 MSc students. Published articles (10 no’s) in various national and international journals. Participated in various national level Trainings, seminars, symposium workshop etc. Experience in Bio informatics(PG Diploma).


Pushpam, R. Manonmani, S. Thiyagarajan, K. Biju, S. Assish k. Binodh, and Kalayarasi, R. 2005. Studies on Mean and Heterotic Performance of Rice Hybrids for Yield and its Componenets. Plant Archives 5(1): 223-227.

Biju, S. and Malik, S. K. 2006. Studies on genetic diversity in wheat genotypes (Triticum aestivum L. EM. THELL). Plant Archives. 6: 169-171.

Biju, S., Manonmani, S., Thiyagarajan, K., Thiyagu, K., Abhirami, S., and Mohanasundharam, K. 2006. Studies on heterosis for yield and related characters in rice hybrids. Plant Archives 6: 549-551.

Manonmani, S., Thiyagu, K., Thiyagarajan, K., Biju, S., Abhirami, S., and Mohanasundharam, K.2006. Exploitation of hybrid vigour for yield and per day productivity in rice hybrids. Plant Archives 6: 643-646.

Biju, S and Malik, S. K. 2006. Association analysis in wheat. Internat. J. Agric. Sci. 2(2): 427-428.

Biju, S and Malik, S. K. 2007. Variability studies in wheat. Internat. J. Agric. Sci. 3(1): 142-144.

Biju, S., Thiyagarajan, K., and Manonmani, S. 2007. Cytoplasmic male sterile lines for hybrid rice production. J. Applied Sci. Res. 3(10): 935-937.

Nikhil narayanan ,Biju.s and jiji joseph 2019.”Evaluation of rice hybrids in saline soils of Pokkali” J.trop agri 57(2)




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